Dreamwall Red Brick has gone all Big Brother!

PR 70 red Brick wall

Imitation brick has never been so popular, long gone are the days of the 1970’s cheap MDF panels its now all about the polyurethane panel made with stone. The continuous dedication to technological research has played a key role in developing the perfect, leading, cutting edge product in this constantly changing world of decoration and design. Offering the best aesthetic solutions for the latest trends in design and interior decorating, an area which is becoming increasingly iconoclastic in the combination of shapes, colours and materials.

PR70 red brick used at The Beckenham new restuarant

http://www.thebeckenham.com/gallery.php more fantastic pictures of PR70 shown at The Beckenham

Dreamwall PR 70

Imitation brick is back! and making a big come back into the interior world, the latest technology makes the product more realistic and easy to install for the modern day DIY enthusiast.

115cm x 85cm easy to install DIY panels for the domestic and commercial market

For more details look here http://www.dreamwall.co.uk/brickpanel.html

For a quote please email info@dreamwall.co.uk your wall measurements and we will provide a tailor made quote. We offer competitive prices please contact Dreamwall for more details.

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