Dreamwall U.K. presents StonePanel By Joseph Starr

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Riding the greenish crest of the burgeoning sustainable wave, many manufacturers have recently debuted “engineered” products designed to incorporate the best attributes of natural materials (aesthetics and texture) while eschewing the worst (resource depletion, expense, difficulty of installation). Thus far, we’ve seen this philosophy at work in both EcoTimber and Mafi’s wood flooring products—systems that use real wood as a veneer atop manufactured ply. Dreamwall U.K. has taken this concept and nudged it in a couple of different directions, namely in regards to material (stone and brick rather than wood) and location (wall rather than floor).

The company’s comprehensive line of “walls that are not made of stone” is in high demand for its quality, lightweight, affordability, and—most of all—convincing re-creation of the look and texture of timeless “hardscapes.” Founded in 2003, Dreamwall’s reputation was built on their flagship “Rustic Brick,” a product whose aesthetic jibes well with the UK’s recent spate of mill and factory conversions.

To read more: http://3rings.designerpages.com/2010/01/15/dreamwall-u-k-presents-stonepanel/#ixzz0eI1K9rGf

Image: Dreamwall U.K. presents StonePanel

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