The Dreamwall Story features this month in Mums Rock magazine

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Below is a snippet of the article on the actual mums rock website

I never set out to run my own business. Olivia my beautiful daughter was born in 2002 and prior to her birth I was struggling to make it into the music industry, although all I kept getting was rejection after rejection.

I even took part in ITV’s Pop Idol at the end of 2001 but in the end the whole experience made me very ill, I came down with glandular fever and suffered a bad bout of depression. In my heart of hearts I knew music wasn’t really for me, sometimes that gut instinct that voice in your head tells you.

But I couldn’t let go of my dreams to be a success, Simon Cowell was very supportive after the show and arranged a few meetings regarding a song I wrote called “No Regrets” which was in the pipe line to be published and used for Sarah Whatmore, another ex pop idol from 2001 who Simon had signed to his label.

Not long after I fell pregnant and I knew from that moment my life would change. The birth of my beautiful baby girl was very traumatic I was in labor for 48 hrs. But the moment I held Olivia in my arm’s reality hit. I knew I had to get my life together for her.

The family home was a 3 storey house on a new build development in Barry and was completely featureless.  I had a vision to create an old rustic brick wall as the main feature, just like the loft conversions I so very much loved.

But I didn’t know how to go about achieving this look,I really needed inspiration!

To continue with the full Dreamwall Mums Rock article please click on the link above.

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