Dreamwall is currently involved in an exciting new project for the Crafts and Skills centre. A mock up cottage village is currently being built using Dreamwall panels PR- 70 Red brick, PR -120 stone, PR-75 Lastra block stone with mouldings arches and columns.

Below is a video diary of the installation from start of installation, following the project right through the project to nearly finished (not completed yet, but videos will be published as soon as the village is completed Dec 2010. A great way to engage how Dreamwall panels can be used, and how real and easy they are to install.

More details of Dreamwall red brick panels here: http://www.dreamwall.co.uk/brickpanel.html

More details of Dreamwall stone panels here: http://www.dreamwall.co.uk/stonepanel1.html


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  1. Alex says:

    I love it…great work Hannah!


  2. Tony Rowe says:

    This is such cool material, we are giving more display areas in our showroom over to Dreamwall, it really creates a fantastic authentic environment for our set pieces.
    It is perfect for Homes, Showrooms, Offices-anywhere! Easier than tiling too!


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