Design 3: Dreamwall Lifestyle Gran Capitone

Introducing to the Dreamwall ‘Lifestyle Collection’ Gran Capitone Wall Panels.

Gran Capitone is a new addition of wall panel to compliment the already much loved Capitone and Original Capitone wall panels

The panel is different than the usual fabric chesterfield panels because its actually not soft! The panel is made of a polyurethane back and a polyester front mixed with a natural stone and marble powder, so when it is touched it feels hard and cold like stone.

Perfect for commercial and domestic installations.

For more details on how to obtain a quote please contact the Dreamwall office or call 01472 750552

Please click on images below to enlarge and see panel dimensions

Available in Black code: LF – 571

Available in White code: LF – 570

Gran Capitone Wall panels
Gran Capitone Wall panels

Gran Capitone 2 gran capitone 3 gran capitone 4 gran capitone 5


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