Pizarra Alpes PR 442 In Ikea Cardiff 

We currently have on display in Ikea Cardiff PR 442 Pizarra Alpes Faux Slate wall panel. These panels are currently in UK stock and are made of a polyurethane back and a front made of a polyester resin mixed with a natural stone and marble powder. Light weight 1 SQM panels at £73.25 plus VAT…

Our Wall Panels in IKEA Cardiff and Reading Stores U.K 

We have on display in IKEA Cardiff & Reading (UK) some of our wall panels.  PR 550 Red brick, PR 415 Pizarra Andres, PR 442 Pizarra Alpes & Black Concrete (Reading Store)  For more details of our ready available UK stock panels for quicker and cheaper delivery please call 01472 750552 or email info@dreamwall.co.uk