Home Installation of PR 421 Pizarra Nepal Slate

It is always fantastic receiving feedback from Happy Clients, this video is a fantastic installation of PR 421 Pizarra Nepal installed up a staircase wall. This is a great video to show how the wall panels can be easily installed and how great lighting really give the panels the WOW factor. For more details about…

New Faux Concrete’ FACTORY’ Wall Panels available from Dreamwall

Brand new range of Faux Concrete Wall Panels now available through Dreamwall, these new panels are light weight and easy to install for any project, from Commercial and Domestic. This blog post features New faux concrete ‘Cemento Factory’ made from a polyurethane back and a front made of a polyester resin mixed with a natural…

Dreamwall ‘New’ updated website www.dreamwall.co.uk 

The original Dreamwall website had been long over due an update, you now can view the new updated website here Dreamwall website  Big thank you to Emma Lingard for creating the new updated website. More on Emma’s services here Emma Lingard Website Below are some glimpses of the new website Dreamwall Website


Currently in Dreamwall UK stock we have a collection of faux brick work panels available while stocks last. Dreamwall best sellers: PR 550 Red British Rustic Brick Panel, PR 551 White british Rusti… Source: FAUX BRICK WORK PANELS IN UK STOCK NOW AVAILABLE

Our Wall Panels in IKEA Cardiff and Reading Stores U.K 

We have on display in IKEA Cardiff & Reading (UK) some of our wall panels.  PR 550 Red brick, PR 415 Pizarra Andres, PR 442 Pizarra Alpes & Black Concrete (Reading Store)  For more details of our ready available UK stock panels for quicker and cheaper delivery please call 01472 750552 or email info@dreamwall.co.uk 

PR 320 Faux Concrete Wall Panels in Arcadia – Topshop.

It’s like a spotters guide to Dreamwall out there 🙂  These latest pictures we have received are of our PR 320 Faux concrete wall panels as used by Arcadia – Topshop installation.  For more details on our Faux concrete range of wall panels, that are light weight & easy to install please contact the dreamwall…

Abigail Ahern – pizarra Nepal and Pizarra Alpe wall panels 

Fantastic to see our two wall Faux slate wall panels Pizarra Nepal PR421 (brown slate) and Pizarra Alpes PR 442 (grey slate) used in the Abigail Ahern Islington London store. Both these Faux wall panels are our top U.K. Selling panels that we carry ready available in U.K. Stock. Contact Dreamwall for more details on…

PR 551 Faux white brick panels used to create a rustic bedroom 

Thank you to our client for sending in these pictures.  Our PR 551 Faux white brick wall panels were used recently in a bedroom revamp, to create a rustic bedroom wall.  It’s always… Source: PR 551 Faux white brick panels used to create a rustic bedroom